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The quality of hookah carbon directly affects the taste and time of using hookah.

2019/10/8 16:14:33 Viewers:
As for the use of water, whether it is the use of the method or the details that need to be paid attention to, it is believed that everyone has been very clear. It has begun to walk slowly into people's life. Whether in restaurants, bars or any scenic spot, we can see its figure. Today, we are going to tell you about HSI. Don't underestimate carbon. It can directly affect your taste and time.
In China, the carbon used in Arabia's hookah is basically carbon based. Most of them are mainly 33mm, which are generally used in bars or entertainment places. They are carbon dioxide with combustion improver. It is easier to spot, and the smoke inside is also very large. However, by observing, we will find that all foreigners use carbon without combustion aid. Why is that? The carbon of the helpless combustion agent will be very laborious, but there are both pros and cons. It may be very troublesome at that time, but it takes much longer time than the round carbon.
In view of this phenomenon, Jia Jia Xiong hookah specially made 40mm round carbon, much larger than the original volume. Of course, the use time is much longer. Basically, it can directly solve the inconvenient problem of consumers at home with carbon PK. We will match you with the appropriate carbon dioxide.