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Can't smoke out of smoke?

2019/10/8 16:10:45 Viewers:
With the popularity and popularity of Arabia, the purchasing power has been greatly improved. Especially in bars, the utilization rate is particularly high. The situation often occurs at the same time of use. Most of the problems are mostly smoked when it is used, less smoke and less effort.
Today I will mainly talk about the bell mouth of the hookah. The bell mouth is the main position of the link pipe. There is a small ball of steel in the horn, which is ignored by many people. It can not suck out the smoke and do not move. Nine times out of ten is the problem of the bell mouth. First of all, we need to understand the composition of the tobacco. The tobacco ingredient contains a large amount of honey. Easy to adhere, smoking will be very laborious, do not smoke. So it is very important to wash the cigarette kettle, not only the ceramic head, cigarette tray, but also the trumpet mouth which is mostly ignored.
The best way to clean the bell mouth is to check whether the bell mouth is loose or not before making the water fume. The bell mouth rubber sleeve exists. Although the bell mouth rubber sleeve is small, it plays a very important role. Without it, it can be said that your water fume pot can not be used basically. The steel beads in the bell mouth should be removed slowly to check whether the steel beads are adhering. If it is convenient to take down the bell mouth, it is better to replace the new steel. Beads are consumables for snuff bottles. Steel balls can be purchased at hardware stores. It's very convenient. Long term preparation is well prepared.
According to many years of experience of brother Jia, you can use BB eggs instead. It is light in weight and rough in surface. It is not easy to adhere to water and honey. It will last for a long time. But in the final analysis, a good water bottle will also need your love and cleaning.