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The discovery of old copper bottles in Tan Chau

2018/3/13 10:13:47 Viewers:
Qidiedie was looking for something on his wooden floor when he found a copper water bottle in a bamboo basket. Yesterday, after a preliminary appraisal by the director of the cultural relics office of Xinzhou District, Xiexinming, should be used for tobacco tobacco shop owners in the Republic of China, it is nearly 100 years ago.
Smoke products from the Tan Chau area old street Street View river street 97 paint daddy home. Smoke pipe suction, pipe sump, smoke bowl, needle, hand holder preservation intact, smoke pot 22.5 cm long, smoke pipe and water pipe base height of 31 cm, water pipe net high 85 cm, weight 600 grams, water bottle carved above the "Hengyong town", water bottle pure copper casting.
According to the 65-year-old father, his four ancestors were engaged in the slaughtering business, which confirmed Xiexinming's preliminary assessment as the shop owner's tobacco.
Xie, the head of the water cigarette bag, also known as the water bottle, water pipe, is a traditional way of smoking, Republic of China