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The internal structure of a water bottle

2018/3/13 10:04:37 Viewers:
The water bottle principle is a bit like the China's water bottle, the transparent one, filled with water, when inhaled, it makes a sound.
So why does it grunt when smoking an Arabian hookah? What is the principle of a hookah? What is the principle of a water bottle? Let's start with the construction of the water bottle, the main part of the water bottle is in the bottom half of the pot, the second half of the water can be used in a container can be some liquid, the general water will be put, water higher than the height of the stainless steel pipe, full of smoke can not be filled with water. There's not a lot of room for smoking in the pot. If it's not big enough, you 'll have a lot of trouble smoking. But water can not be too little, if too little, the smoke can not be effectively filtered, though there is not nicotine in the filaments, but contains a small amount of tar, if you smoke directly.