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How to buy an Arabic water bottle

2018/3/13 10:11:24 Viewers:
Because of different workmanship, different materials and different prices, it is difficult for people to distinguish between those that are of good quality and those that are of moderate quality, and many people are not very familiar with this, so here is a simple chat with you.
Arabic water bottles can be classified in terms of material, resin water bottles, crystal water bottles, zinc alloy water bottles, ceramic pots, aluminum alloy bottles, pure copper pots, gilded pots, among these types, gilded pots are the most expensive and the best quality. And the price of glass pot is relatively cheap, the quality of the relative, not very good. But it's not that the higher the price, the better the quality, when we choose the pot, we have to pay attention to the following points.
First: depending on the tightness of the pots, there are many interfaces on an Arabian cigarette pot, and there are many sealing rings, which are of good quality.